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Ilha de Tinharé – Gamboa do Morro de São Paulo (Cairú)
CEP: 45400-000 - Valença (BA) - Brasil
www.morrobahiabrazil.com.br e-mail: morro@morrobahiabrazil.com.br

...le jour une fête de fleures, une chançon de cocotiés...
la nuit l'enchantement des lucioles, le concert de la forêt...

Ideally situated in the relaxing beach of Gamboa, on Tinharé Island, (Gamboa is located at 2 km from the wonderful beaches of Morro de S. Paulo), Village doDendé (VdD) is a little touristic village managed by Anna Maria Innocenzi (from Italy) that created it with the aim of getting you in touch with the magic Bahia. The suggestionis the following: a tropical holiday to one of the most tranquil of islands and, moreover, Bahian culture and its music. VdD takes its name from the forest of palm trees called Dendé in which the bungalows are situated in perfect harmony with the surrounding environment. It consists of 7 confortable, independent bungalows 1/4 beds, bathroom withwarm-shower, a little living room, ventilator, mosquito-net, varanda and hammock. It has open-air restaurant with Bahian specialties, fresh-fish dishes, pizza and spaghetti.

Happy holidays and...you’ll wish to come again!!!!


Boat and/or tractor excursions to the other places of ARQUIPELAGO DE TINHARÉ. Tinharé Island: Galião, Gamboa, Morro de Sao Paulo, Garapuá. Boipepa Island. Cairú Island.

Walking along Gamboa beach treat yourself to an argil bath.

Fishing nights with the fishermen of Gamboa including underwater fishing .

Walking in the forest getting natural water from Fonte do Céu to have a natural waterbath.

Tropical disco in Morro de S. Paulo beach, with low tide, walking along beautiful beaches on the moon-light and stardust.


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